Luxury Welcome

The pleasure in standing out

Art Collection

The uniqueness of Mantea compotes is embellished by refined caskets with paintings by contemporary Italian artists, elegant hand-painted porcelain accessories or precious steel objects conceived by experienced designers.

A new idea of ​​Welcome, able to give the customer a full experience, capable of envolvingf all his senses, from sight to taste, from smell to touch, thus offering you a key to sure success.

Elegant welcome gifts to collect and perfect furnishing accessories.

Mantea Journeys

Ricordi di sole    Meraviglie cremisi    Fragranza esotica

Strong emotions for the adventurous traveler who always dares and loves surprising flavours, intense aromas and inebriating fragrances.

Estate mantovana    Oro d’oriente      Croccante dolcezza

Delicate notes for the traveler who wants to relax and loves softer flavours, delicate aromas and sweet but enchanting fragrances.

 Details that make the difference

All Luxury Welcome Mantea can be customised with your brand name,
providing your customers with an even more distinctive and personal Welcome gift.

Design Collection

Coming Soon

Mantea Partners

Antonella Filippini

Sandro Negri
Renzo Ferrarini
Cristanini Angiolino
Lamberto Melina

Mantea speaks straight to the heart, giving a truly unique and complete experience
that is full of emotions.

Exclusive Area

Inside each Luxury Welcome Mantea it will be possible to find the link and the code
to access the exclusive reserved area of the website, where you will be able to discover more on the designers, the artists and their collections of paintings.